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About Kos Island Weddings

Kos Island Weddings is here because of our dream to share our love of  Kefalos and it’s beautiful Kastri island with couples looking for somewhere unique and really special for the most important day of their lives.

We first came to Kefalos in May 1994. Kos was the second island we had visited as part of our plan to take in a different Greek island every year. So much for our grand plan…

We returned to Kefalos in August of the same year and have been hooked ever since!

In 2003 we found a house in the village and we are now semi-retired and able to split our time between Kos and England, though it becomes increasingly harder to leave our Kefalos home and the wonderful friends that we have there.

Over the years, with the help of local people, we organised weddings for friends and family.

Everyone had such a wonderful time  and it was suggested to us that more people might welcome our help and wish to share our experience.

This was our chance to give something back to the people of Kefalos who had welcomed us so warmly into their village, so here we are with Kos Island Weddings!

Sadly Alan Chapman, one of the founder members of the Kos Island Weddings team passed away suddenly October 2011.

His wife Joy and the rest of the team continue to work together in his memory, helping couples who wish to holiday and marry in his beloved and beautiful Kefalos.